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The BIG DRAW-Ruskin is a season of sponsored drawing and arts events in Ruskin, Florida and around the Southshore and Tampa Bay Area. The BD-R is linked to the International Campaign for Drawing and invites & supports BIGDRAW events, workshops, classes (and a major community public art project) during the month of October; all open to the public and free (a few events require a nominal materials fee — which is noted in the description).

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Reservations for BIGDRAW STUDIO workshops or mini-classes are made in person or by phone at Ruskin Branch Library during library hours. 813.273.3652; T, W, TH, 10-7; F, S, 10-6; Closed Sunday & Monday

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COLLAGE TO DRAWING / Process and Concept - Workshop

COLLAGE TO DRAWING / Process and Concept - Workshop

BIG DRAW STUDIO, 613 US-41, Ruskin
Wednesday, October 21, 6 – 9pm
Adults, Recommended for Arts Educators
Visiting Artist: Josette Urso

Free, Shared Materials Provided
Sign-up begins Sept 15, Ruskin Branch Library
One Dickman Dr SE, or 813.273.3652

This workshop takes a lively approach to exploring the interrelationship between collage and drawing. Students will use Collage as a means of sketching and as a springboard for ideas in Drawing. Work will begin simply, becoming progressively more complex as students are urged to push the limits of the mediums and their ideas. As the work done in one medium assists and influences one's vision in the other, the collaboration between process and concept will encourage the production of less planned and more unexpected images.

To bring: Good quality scissors (very important!),
Stencil / Collage Material: Thin cardboard that can easily be cut with scissors (cereal boxes and other food packaging boxes will work), plus a small assortment of brown paper bags, newspapers, telephone book pages, magazines and other monochrome found paper